"Good design can remind us to slow down and appreciate the beauty in the little things."- Cilla

Hey there! I'm Cilla. I design art with cheerful florals and pretty much anything involving a pollinator. For me art is a form of active meditation that fills me with a sense of calm and joy for the little things. My artwork is a mix of digitally painted and hand-drawn elements.  I find inspiration along hiking trails,  visiting botanical gardens or in seasonal florals. I love taking close-up photos of  the wildflowers that I find to remind me of these moments spent in gratitude of nature. The organic elements, patterns and textures are what spark my creativity in each design.  I’m always amazed how the colors blend and shapes are formed in the smallest details.  An afternoon spent among the flowers is my "happy place".  Through my art, I get to share some of that with you.

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